Altos Photonics offers femtosecond, mode locked, and Q-switched lasers and tunable systems for research and industrial customers.  Additional products include non-linear crystals (BBO, KTP, ZGP, KYW, KGW, etc), optical mounts, USB-controlled stages, and other related products.

  Amplitude Laser is the US subsidiary for Amplitude Technologies and Amplitude Systemes. The Amplitude group is a world leader in ultrafast laser technology, offering all technologies available today, from industrial fiber lasers to high energy Petawatt class Ti:Sapphire lasers.

  APE GmbH and its US affiliate AP&E Inc. are a leading supplier of OPO systems, wavelength conversion devices, ultrafast laser diagnostics and pulse management solutions.
AP&E's product portfolio includes fs/ps OPOs, harmonics generators, pulse pickers, cavity dumpers, autocorrelators, SPIDERs and more.

  BioPhotonic Solutions specializes in femtosecond laser pulse shaping, pulse characterization and compression. Our products femtoFit™, femtoJock™ and MIIPS®Box640 use patented MIIPS® technology, work with any ultrafast laser including the ultrafast SC.

  Coherent is a world leader in ultrafast lasers, providing ultrafast oscillators from sub-15 fs to 10 ps and ultrafast amplifiers from sub-25 fs to 100 ps, with power levels up to 20 Watts. Coherent – Better Ultrafast, Every Day

  Continuum Tools for TW & PW systems: - Components – YAG to 25mm, Glass to 64mm - YAG and Glass systems for OPCPA & Ti:Sapphire pumping - Turn-key systems in the TW & PW class with National Energetics

  Leading supplier of high energy optics of over 700mm diameter for use in femtosecond lasers. Optically contacted, femtosecond compatible cube polarizer for high energy applications complement our range of mirrors, lenses, windows and plate polarizer designed for femtosecond applications.

  FASTLITE offers tools and products for the advanced ultrafast laser sources:
 -DAZZLER pulse shaper for simultaneous spectral amplitude, spectral phase and  carrier envelope phase control
 -WIZZLER high dynamic range temporal intensity pulse and spectral phase  characterization tool

  Gooch & Housego is a manufacturer of custom precision optical components, sub systems & systems based upon key enabling optical technologies for the Research & Industrial, Aerospace & Defence and Biomedical & life Sciences market.


  HORIBA Jobin Yvon is a world leading company in scientific diffraction gratings. HJY is your partner for ultrafast projects: from pulse compression gratings for high intensity lasers to VUV experiments.

  KMLabs (Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories, Inc.) Leaders in ultrafast… Robust Ti:sapphire single-stage ultrafast femtosecond amplifiers offering "computer controlled" tuning of pulse energy and repetition rates from 1kHz thru 1MHz and the new sealed-box Swift series <12fs oscillators

  Lighthouse Photonics develops & manufactures innovative DPSS lasers with a unique blend of performance, compactness and value. Sprout offers up to 10W at 532nm in a near-perfect TEMoo mode with extremely low noise and impressive power stability. Sprout is specifically designed for applications that demand excellent beam quality and high stability such as pumping ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillators.

Menlo Systems, a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology, provides sales, installation and support of optical frequency comb systems, terahertz solutions, ultrafast lasers, and synchronization electronics for research and industrial applications.


miCos offers a wide range of positioning systems. Linear, rotary and multiaxes stages for low cost applications and highest performance systems can be purchased. MICOS is specialized in several hexapodic systems, as well as the vacuum and cryo field.


M Squared Lasers provides Dependable Innovation™ —workhorse automated, alignment-free laser systems with unique capabilities covering CW to fs pulse widths and DUV to THz wavelengths—including Sprite widely tunable/ultrashort pulse fs oscillators, or the new ultracompact Eigen ps source.

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics is the leading provider of high power laser diodes, high power pump modules, and DPSS lasers. Our PowerPULSE™ amplifier modules provide a high-gain, high-stored-energy solution for applications such as OPCPA, pulse train amplification and bulk amplification of single-frequency seed lasers or diode sources.

  Onefive is a global supplier of compact, air-cooled and maintenance-free low-noise ultrafast and narrow-linewidth single-frequency lasers for OEM and R&D. Our product portfolio offer wider choice of laser parameters: UV-IR, picosecond to sub-100 fs, single-shot to GHz, nJ to >10 uJ.

Optimax is dedicated to small volume, high quality, and quick delivery of precision optical components. Specializing in aspheres, cylinders, plano-optics and spheres, manufactured to customer-supplied specifications.


Spectra-Physics is a leading manufacturer of cutting edge, highly reliable ultrafast lasers and amplifiers that enable breakthroughs in advanced scientific research, biological imaging and fine material processing. We offer a complete portfolio of turn key oscillators, ultrashort pulse seeders, high energy amplifiers as well as optical parametric oscillators (OPO), optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) and harmonic generators.


Plymouth Grating Laboroatory is dedicated to making the highest quality gratings available today. Our technology and techniques employ scanning beam interference lithography. "SBIL" allows the manufacture of gratings on very large substrates and enables applications across a variety of markets. PGL also has manufacturing expertise in optical coatings, reactive ion-etching, optical metrology, and precision cleaning of large optics. PGL has developed special expertise to meet the needs of today's high-energy and high-power laser community.

  Southern Photonics manufactures bench-top narrow linewidth multi-channel tunable lasers, FROG-based picosecond optical pulse analysers and low-cost C-band fast OSAs which are suitable for OSNR measurements. In September 2011, Southern Photonics has launched its revolutionary new complex modulation analyser, the IQ Scope, which offers an affordable solution to complex modulation analysis by working with readily available and cost effective sampling oscilloscopes.

For more than 15 years, THALES has been driving innovative solutions with a large patents portfolio and scientific partnerships to provide turnkey, easy-to-use and reliable Ti:Sa femtosecond lasers for the most demanding scientific applications.

Manufactures turn-key industrialized picosecond and femtosecond laser systems for applications in precision micromachining, semiconductor processing and inspection, biological imaging, high-energy physics, and R&D.
Wavelengths range from 262nm to 1550nm with power levels up to 50W.

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