Conference Topics

  • Attosecond pulse generation and measurement
  • High harmonic generation
  • Ultrafast laser-based radiation sources
  • Ultrafast laser sources for X-ray generation and particle acceleration
  • Ultrafast optical parametric laser pulse generation and amplification
  • Ultrafast nonlinear optics
  • Carrier envelope phase stabilization
  • Ultrafast THz sources
  • New technologies for final optics in ultrahigh-intensity laser systems
  • Ultrafast fiber lasers
  • Ultrafast solid-state lasers
  • Ultrahigh intensity laser systems
  • Measurement and shaping of femtosecond laser pulses
  • Measurement of relativistic intensities
  • Advances in ultrafast laser pulse measurements
  • Spatio-temporal pulse shaping
  • Novel laser technologies for micro-machining and advanced microscopy
  • Novel materials for ultrafast laser sources


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The National Ignition Facility Lawrence Livermore
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