Conference Papers

Post Deadline Call for Papers:

Post deadline session at UFO VIII – submission will open on August 29th and closes on September 9th.

Oral presentations will be allocated 12 minutes (non-post deadline submission contributed talks are 20 minutes in duration, including 3 minutes discussion time).Post deadline abstracts will be considered for poster presentation. Electronic submission only online, using the conference template below.

Due Date

Post deadline submission deadline is 9/9/2011.
UFO papers were due on 7/11/2011. Papers are submitted online.

Paper Template

Guidelines for preparing papers are described in this document.
Download the MS Word template.
Download a the pdf template.

Be sure to select standard U.S. letter size paper (8.5 x 11.0 in), not A4 style paper. (This is selected under Page Layout)

Papers should be limited to 2 pages.

Modes of Presentation

The program committee will schedule both oral and poster sessions based on peer review of the submitted paper. Papers should be submitted online.

Oral Sessions

The presentation times for oral sessions are as follows: presentations are 20 minutes each, invited speakers are 30 minutes and keynote talks are 40 minutes. Each presentation will break for questions during the last 3–5 minutes.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for selected papers to be presented in greater visual detail and should facilitate vivid discussions with attendees. For poster sessions, authors are provided with 4-foot-high x 8-foot-wide (122 x 244 cm) bulletin boards on which to display their papers, along with a sign indicating their paper numbers and pushpins or adhesive tape. Presenters should display paper titles, lists of authors and author affiliations on their posters. Authors must remain in the vicinity of their bulletin boards for the duration of the session to answer questions. Note that poster presenters are not supplied with any audiovisual equipment. Those requiring such equipment should refrain from requesting the poster only or poster preferred formats on the submission form.